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4 bite-sized tips for keeping students engaged and focused

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Our modern world is filled with an incredible number of distractions from our tasks, with our children experiencing this at a far greater intensity due to the rise of digital learning. In order to best support your children's education, here are 4 tips for keeping students engaged and focused.

  1. Technology is not the enemy - often phones are seen as inherent distractions but this doesn't need to be the case. Through utilising apps such as Forest, students can develop their own self-directed learning and digital forest through targetted focus. Technology can be utilised to reduce distractions and channel energy making their phones an incredible tool.

  2. True multitasking doesn't exist - a common misconception is that multi-tasking is something that should be revered, especially in our busy world. Unfortunately, the human brain was only developed to focus on single items and rapidly switching between them. Provide your children with single tasks that can be seen through to competition. These tasks could be larger goals broken down or stepping stones to achieving a result.

  3. Productivity = breaks - developing from tip number 2, following the completion of a bite-sized task make sure there is a small break every 20-40 minutes. Different age brackets have different recommended focus periods, always try to meet your children where they are developmentally. It will not only improve their attention but is better for their enjoyment of learning and retention.

  4. Encourage fun - one key opportunity with the current education model is enabling parents to have more fun with their children's education. Look for their sparks of genius in what they are learning and lean into that. Seek opportunities to create study time that is filled with laughter and smiles.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it should provide options that can be implemented today to create a better bridge between family and education. For more tailored support please explore our services around parent/student facilitation and stay tuned for our parent focussed workshops.

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